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Brandon Valley Band Parents, INC.

The Brandon Valley Band Parents, Inc. organization was incorporated as a not-for-profit corporation intended to assist and support the Brandon Valley School District, the band students and the band directors by:

  1. Providing financial support for the band program, including the marching band, concert bands, jazz bands and other ensembles;

  2. Coordinating parent support for the band program, including providing chaperones for various band competitions and tours;

  3. Assisting in coordinating band competitions and tours; and

  4. Providing scholarships to students.

Business of the corporation is managed by a Board of Directors consisting of parent representatives from each class. Corporate officers are elected annually by the Board of Directors. All funding for the Brandon Valley Band Parents organization comes from private sources.

Senior Parents:

Todd & Laura Dathe

Mike & Angie Hageman (Secretary)

Scott & Ashley Menage

Chris & Michelle Stemwedel

Derek & Toni Outland

Junior Parents:

Lonny & Jodi Ackerman (President) 

Nathan & Andrea Gerritsen

Luke & Rochelle Odenbrett

Jeff & Rachael Fode

Sophomore Parents:

Jen & Chris McKeown (Treasurer)

Anthony & Kendra Siemonsma (Vice-President)

Mike & Jennifer Toates


Freshman Parents:

Rachel & Josh Winters

Jamie & Ryan Johnson

Ashley & Tom Frost

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